Feast of Vincent dePaul

Vincent painting

Oil painting of Vincent de Paul (used with permission of the Provincial Archives)

September 27 marks the Feast of St. Vincent de Paul, co-founder (with Louise de Marillac) of the Daughters of Charity (1633), founder of the Congregation of the Mission (1625) and the Ladies of Charity (1617).

Learn more about Vincent and the Vincentian charism with these resources from FAMVIN.org


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Remembering 9-11


Today we remember all who lost their lives in the attacks of September 11, 2001.

(Provincial Annals, September 11, 2001, used with permission of the Provincial Archives)
A Day of Infamy!
Today terrorist attacked the World Trade Building in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington by having the hijackers on our planes crash into these building The passengers on the third plane were able to prevent the third attack when they overcame the attackers before the plane when down in Pennsylvania. The country was immediately put on high alert and this has now continued. The passengers on all the planes died and over 3,000 persons died in the World Trade Building. This day will never be forgotten in the history of the United States. Fortunately, no Daughters of Charity or Vincentians were killed.

St. Joseph’s Church in Emmitsburg prepared a prayer service including exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

Messages were received from the Daughters of Charity around the world giving us their support and a promise of prayers.

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New Civil War Book available: BALM OF HOPE

Betty Ann McNeil, D.C., ed., Balm of Hope: Charity Afire Impels Daughters of Charity Civil War Nurses, Mary Denis Maher, C.S.A., Foreword; Janet Leigh Bucklew, Introduction (Chicago: DePaul University Vincentian Studies Institute, 2015), 558 pp., annotated, 50 historic images, 6 maps and tables, appendix, glossary, and index. Paperback. Available from DePaul University Vincentian Studies Institute Collection at the Seton Heritage Shop of the National Shrine of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, 339 South Seton Avenue, Emmitsburg, Maryland 21727 USA. Available: September 15, 2015 Cost: $30.00 plus shipping & handling

Sr. McNeil’s discovery of 500 pages of handwritten memoirs by Daughters of Charity Civil War nurses led her into a multi-year project to transcribe, annotate, index, and publish Balm of Hope: Charity Afire Impels Daughters of Charity Civil War Nurses. This compendium includes: 1. Notes of the Sisters’ Services in Military Hospitals; 2. Civil War Recollections and Accounts; and 3. Correspondence. The texts invite readers to listen to courageous women reminisce in their own words about nursing amid the ravages of war.

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